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If there’s one thing that the latest economic events have come to show us it’s that none of the so called marketing specialists we see on T.V. know what they are talking about. Just a few weeks ago the consensus among analysts was that we are heading for a downward spiral due to the sub prime crisis and other factors. Weeks past and the market is generating new records everyday.

I’d hate to think that the people who are managing my money are as clueless as the folks in the media. That’s why I prefer to manage my money myself. It gives me full control over my money and dealing with my investments has driven me to learn a lot on the subject. One of my favorite destinations is the Market Basics page at They call it the Market Basics page but I happen to think there is nothing basic about it. I have found some excellent information on Stocks to avoid, Due Diligence, Monitoring Investments, Key terms in investing and much more. They may call it basic but the information has helped me become quite an advanced investor (in my opinion). I guess basic is a relative term…

Best Deals Around 0

Everyone likes to get a good deal here or there, but some people that I know are always looking for great deals and won’t buy anything unless they are sure they are getting the best price. They either bargain, if possible, until they get the price they want or they hunt down the product they wish to purchase and find the cheapest price. Proflowers coupons are also an important asset for them, and they make sure to collect every usable coupon they can get their hands on. Some people may think they’re cheap, but I think they are just money conscious. They don’t let extra pennies go to waste. My attitude is, if they could deal with the headache, then why not?

These friends of mine will be thrilled to hear that there is a website that gives out coupons for many great merchants. Some of these stores include, Sharper Image and Petsmart. You can get Target coupons. All you need to do is select the desired merchant, view the coupons, and click on the “use this offer.” There are many great and money saving deals that can be taken advantage of with a simple click of a button.

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There are so many insurance companies out there that it is so hard to find the best rates and to be sure that you are getting the right deal for you. There are ways online to compare rates from different insurance companies. You can even do this for free. All you have to do is fill out a simple four step form and you could receive cheap insurance quotes.

This makes your life so much easier especially since the service is completely free. You don’t have to pay anyone for this information and you are able to take your time deciding what insurance company suits you best. It doesn’t matter whether it’s car insurance or home insurance that you are in need of, whatever kind it is you can receive quotes free of charge.

At you can find quotes for car insurance, home insurance, motorbike insurance, van insurance and travel insurance. You can even find quotes on pet insurance. Yes, pets can get ill and the medical attention that they need can be costly. When you compare rates you can be sure that you are paying the best price. There is nothing to lose since is absolutely free, check how much you can save today.

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I’ve been to many great resorts, but they are always missing something. Sometimes it’s the accommodations, and other times it’s the service. Various aspects combined contribute to making a resort experience unforgettable. I came across this website,, which offers all all inclusive resorts in places like the Caribbean and Jamaica which will make your visit an incredible experience.

These all inclusive packages raise one’s expectations to a whole new level. all inclusive jamaica resorts include the finest beaches and the most comfortable accommodations. You won’t be disappointed by the warm and friendly service, not to mention the delicious gourmet food. You can be sure to enjoy endless entertainment and activities including sports such as golf and tennis with world-recognized pros.

Your next time trip to a resort whether somewhere in the Caribbean or in Jamaica will be certain to be fantastic. You will enjoy every minute of the pampering.

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France will probably always be considered the most romantic destination in Europe. The beautiful city of Paris is especially romantic. Maybe it’s the fantastic night life that it has to offer, or perhaps it’s the beautiful lights that decorate the city. Whatever it is, you should be sure to visit there, whether for a vacation or for a honeymoon.

The hotels in Paris are wonderful. You can be sure to feel pampered and sleep well. Paris hotels range in price and in levels of luxury. You can stay in a simple hotel or you can stay in a five star hotel.

You can find great hotel rates, even cheaper than going directly through a hotel through It’s even more worthwhile when two people are traveling together. When in Paris you won’t be disappointed by the fantastic Hôtels en Paris, as they say in Paris.

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You don’t have to be a lawyer or some sort of legal buff to enjoy the Los Angeles Criminal Lawyers Blog | California Criminal Defense Law Forum available at The blog’s author, Dmitry Gorin does a great job of brining fascinating legal insight as provides commentary and analysis of high profile cases such as those involving Phil Spector, Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Hilton.

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